Flood Restoration

Victoria being one of the wettest states in Australia, we receive higher than average rainfall, which makes our homes/offices at risk of flood damage. Carpets not only get wet by floods, but it also can get flooded by a burst pipe, sewage backflow, bath overflow, washing machine and dishwasher leak.

Flood water contains harmful microorganisms and viruses that can be a severe health risk. Even when the contaminated flood water recedes, the residue includes the bacteria that can infect the surrounding content to make the condition more serious.

If your home/office gets flooded with water, there are chances of secondary damage such as mildew growth because of favorable temperature and moisture conditions.

Contact our flood restoration professionals who are experts in restoring your flooded carpet and structure throughout Melbourne. We analyse the class of the water loss and category of the water to determine the level of damage using specialised equipment which also decides the drying time. Depending upon the class and category of the water, we then formulate the process to be carried out on your content and structure.

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